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Business Litigation

Business Dispute Attorney

Effectively resolving business disputes requires sound strategies that incorporate careful consideration of the conduct of all parties, applicable law, litigation costs, and potential damage to reputation and goodwill. Sometimes the best course of action is to resolve a matter quickly and move on to the more important goals of increasing productivity and growing revenues. At other times, lengthy litigation is necessary to fully protect the interests and future of a company, business owner, or professional. The key for clients who find themselves facing a commercial dispute is to work with a skilled attorney who knows the difference and comes with a proven track record of winning at the negotiation table and in court.

Attorney Robert Servatius has dedicated a significant portion of his law practice to protecting the rights of organizations and professionals impacted by:
  • Breaches of Contract
  • Employment Disputes
  • Partnership Divorces
  • Unpaid Receivables
  • Defamatory Statements
  • Third-party Litigation

He understands that each client’s business dispute requires a customized legal solution as well as the effective and efficient management of many moving parts. Through experience, Robert also recognizes that the way in which a dispute is resolved can have lasting impacts on a client’s bottom line, ability to attract top talent, and reputation in the community. In short, disagreements in the business world are much more complex than those between individuals and should be handled by a true pro.

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If you or your company has suffered a loss due to the actions of another business or individual, contact the Carolina Collection Law Firm today at 704-529-9600. You will talk directly with attorney Robert Servatius and all information will remain strictly confidential… even if you choose not to hire the firm.