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Ethics Consulting

Professional Rules Compliance

While the written body of law pertaining to attorney conduct is relatively small, the application and interpretation of these rules, restrictions, and guidelines is substantial. In addition, it is common for different licensing jurisdictions to put their own stamp on each rule, leading to the potential for career-altering problems for lawyers, paralegals, and law students.

Attorney Robert Servatius dedicates a significant portion of his practice to helping legal professionals comply with the rules of professional conduct that apply to them. He provides consulting services in the following areas:
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Trust Accounting and Client Funds
  • Personal Relationships with Existing and Former Clients
  • Business Ventures with Non-lawyers
  • Client Communications and Confidentiality
  • Conflict Check Processes and Procedures
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Character and Fitness Applications
  • License Reinstatement
  • Reciprocity Applications
  • Compliance with Rule Updates and Revisions
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Law Firm Mergers and Dissolutions
“An Ounce of Prevention…”

A quick read of the disciplinary section of the local bar journal will show one consistent theme: Had attorneys taken the time to understand the rules that applied to their situation and made better judgments, they could have avoided a reprimand, suspension, or disbarment. (Pre-planning and professional advice would have been much less expensive as well.)

If you are considering a marketing campaign, law firm merger, or implementation of a practice management process at your firm, contact attorney Robert Servatius at 704-529-9600 today. He will review your situation and provide options to help ensure you comply with your jurisdictions rules of professional conduct.